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Objective: Get to Egypt

In the room:
Open the drawer and get everything that it's inside: A credit card, a picture, and an ID
In the street outside the room:
Pick up the brick
In the Mc dowells:
Pick up the bottle of hot sauce
In the kitchen:
Use the hot sauce with the menu close to the boss
After this, and once in the street, at any moment a front page of the news will appear saying that the boss has been put into jail. Now we can come back to the kitchen, open a drawer and pick up a paper that contains the recipe of these burguers
In the street where the hooker is:
Take some money from the cash machine (3 time minimum)
In the street outside the shop:
Use the brick with the window
The owner of the shop will wake up and after coming back to this screen, we can get inside the shop. Buy the Egyptian charm, and the cable
After getting outside again, 'open' the hooker and 'throw' the cable
In the street outside the museum, use the cable you bought from the shop with the socket connected to the watch
The cable from the previous screen is very close to the cable we just connected
'Pick up'; these cables... The watch will change the time
Talk to the doorman's museum until he tells you he will let you in if you show him an ID and give him something
Give him money and show him your ID
Now you can get in the museum
Get in the Egyptian hall and use the Egyptian charm with the statue
The statue will give you a paper with a magic formula
In the library:
Use the paper with the magic formula you got in the museum with the Usa el papel con la formula mágica conseguido en el museo con la librarian. She will give you a book
Get a library card and get two books: Pocket Encyclopedia, and Learn Egyptian in 10 days
Read these three books. Alfred will become clever, learn Egyptian and will get the recipe for travelling in time (needed for when he is in Egypt)
In the street where the Encyclopedia seller man is:
If Alfred has read the pocket encyclopedia, the seller man will realized that Alfred doesn't need buying one, and he will let him get through
In the newspaper:
Get in the boss's office and offer him the burger recipe. He will put a lot of money in your account. Come back to the cash machine to get it
In the travel agency:
Talk to the Habla con la shop assistant until you manage to get a ticket for travelling to Egypt

Objective: Get the four ingredients for traveling in time

In the city:
Talk to the fat Moorish until you get a pumpkin.
In the river (where the levitating man is
Use the pumpkin with the water. A crocodile will eat Alfred...
Inside the crocodile:
Pick up some matches (the screen will illuminate)
PIck up the book
Read the book: Click in the tabs until you see an image of a crocodile. Click in the text. Alfred will cast a spell and will exit the crocodile with the first ingredient
Try to pick up the sunflower. The wise man will reprimand you
Talk to the wise man until you make a deal: He will let you pick up the sunflower if you solve his puzzle
Keep talking to him until the puzzle is solved. Now you can pick up the sunflower (second ingredient)
In the pyramid:
Give the pumpkin to the pyramid's guard. He will go to piss. Now you can get closer to the pyramid. Pick up a small stone in the base (third ingredient)
In the street outside the Egyptian musem:
Read the signs in the wall
Inside the museum:
‘Push’ the signs. A secret door will open
Pick up the 'head' of the mommy (forth ingredient)
Get out of there. The guards will send you to jail
In the jail:
Pick up a little paper in the bookshelves
Talk to the other prisioner until he tells you about a tunnel he was making
Search through the floor tiles until you find a loose one. Open it and get to the tunnel
Open the drawer and get some keys
In the next tunnel screen (where the 'Exit' sign is):
Use the key with the painting. Underneath there is a safe box. Read the paper you found in the jail. Now you can open the safe and get a lot of money
Open the door and exit to the market. Buy a inflatable doll at the first Moorish
In the next screen of the market, the police will take again to the jail. Use the doll in the bed. Use the tunnel again to go to the market
In the screen where the police are (they don't arrest you anymore) buy a dirty magazine at the Moorish
In the chapel:
Give the dirty magazine to the guard. Now you can get inside
use the four ingredients in the cooking pot

Objective: Rescue the princess
In the harem:
Try to pick up any of the girls. An eunuch will appear and will take you to the pharaoh
In the pharaoh audience:
He will send you to work at the pyramid's construction
At work:
Go to the quarry. Pick up a stone and give it to the slaves. This process can be made only twice. After that, there are no more stones to pick up. It doesn't matter. Pick up some mud and give it to the slaves... They won't realize
After this, the bosses will drink to celebrate it and will collapse completely drunk. Now we can get out of there
In the bazaar:
Talk to the seller man and get a map of the pyramid
In the rivers with the girls:
Pick up water using the pumpkin
In front of the pyramid:
Use the water with the stone that has a different color. The rock will dissolve and then we can enter inside the pyramid
In the architect room:
Talk to him until he tells you about the pyramid's security system
Come back to the bazaar and talk to the seller man. Insist that you have just met the real architect. To show you he is the right one, he will give you the map where the princess is
Read it: You will know then which of the two doors is the right one
Use that door. You will see the princess, but she forgot to close the trapdoor and you will go to another room
In the skeleton room:
Talk to the one who says is your father
In the passages:
Every time a God appears, use the book you found inside the crocodile. Check which God is and click in the text. If it's right, Alfred will cast a spell that will kill the God. After repeating this process in the four screen that make up the passages, all the Gods will be dead
In the passage's screen where there are five statues:
If Alfred killed all of them, the eyes of each and every statue will be illuminated. Click then the symbol in the middle of the screen (a circle surrounded by five triangles). Alfred will be sent to the princess room, this time with the trapdoor fixed